Become A Model

Become A Model

Do you want to become the next Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid, or Cara Delevingne? Want to meet the most important designer, photographers and models? Want to travel to Milan, London, Paris and New York to be dressed by the best designers? If your answer to these questions is YES, then read on…

Requirements For Female Models

Height: Minimum 170cm / 5′ 7” – maximum 183cm / 6′ 0”
Age: Minimum 11 years old – maximum 21 years old to start
Figure: Models often have a slim body, but it is not always how they began. Don’t you have the perfect model measurements yet and would you like to become a model? No problem! Our nutrition and training experts are ready for you!

Requirements For Male Models

Height: Minimum 186cm / 6′ 1” – maximum 190cm / 6′ 3”
Age: Minimum 16 years old – maximum 26 years old to start
Figure: Don’t you have the perfect model measurements yet and would you like to become a model? No problem! Our nutrition and training experts are ready for you!


To make you a top model, we draw up a personal development plan and invest in training and development. We make this investment in the form of test shoots with the best photographers in the world, catwalk training sessions of experienced catwalk coaches and pose training by experienced models or photographers.

As soon as you are ready, we will get you signed with the best agencies in the world and help you get to the big brands. We make your name a brand. We provide support for, among other things, social media, which you can use later in your career, for example when starting your own company, your clothing line or just to inspire people. Putting you in touch with the most important people in the industry, might open doors for you, both during and after your career as a model! In short, we develop and manage your career as a model!


We provide personal guidance for your son or daughter and prepare him/her for a high-level international career as a model. By working with the best people in the industry, we strive to offer a unique service and above all personal guidance and support. Our alliances in Milan make it possible to provide models with a top portfolio within a short development period. We offer this option in cooperation with the best agencies and various top photographers. Our aim is to turn your son or daughter into a role model that thousands of young people will look up to! We want to make you more proud than you can imagine!


To realise the maximum potential for a model, we work closely with schools. When models achieve top grades and have a right attitude at school, we reward this. We do this by working together with the school to offer the possibility to perform modeling for a short period during regular school weeks and holidays. This enables the model to develop her career in Paris, Milan, London and New York. We emphasise, however, that modeling will be a hobby until the secondary school diploma is achieved. From that moment we could be able to offer the model a fulltime modeling career and give advice about home studies and other possibilities to organise the time of the model as good as possible.

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